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Strategy and Technology – Positioning For 5G

The Wray Castle Strategy and Technology – Positioning for 5G training course rapidly builds a range of competencies critical to maximising the opportunities being presented by both digital transformation and the adoption of 5G and advanced technology concepts.

The 5G initiative provides the focus for the next digital revolution that encompasses connected innovation and the increasing digitalisation of a wide range of industries, as well as advanced connectivity and communications. It provides the foundation for transforming business models and positioning; the customer proposition and focus; and the technologies that underpin that transformation.

However, aligning strategic technology choices to take full advantage of these business drivers is difficult to get right – and the majority of management teams within the telecoms industry are wrestling with their decisions. Those working in adjacent industries are also impacted by this lack of clarity – because the connectivity on which so much innovation depends is still evolving, and the telecoms operators have not, as yet, fully established their technology focus or positioning for the next critical stage of development.

In order to hit these pain points head-on, the Wray Castle course has been developed to rapidly build clarity on all aspects of 5G and what it brings to the industry from both a technology and business view. It works to build a range of competencies at the individual, team, and the organisation level; to build the confidence to get ahead of the competition; and to spotlight the critical factors that need to be assessed and developed to enable significant commercial success – for telecoms and adjacent industries.

The training format gels new knowledge and subject matter expertise, with critical evaluation and a unique business simulation that enables individuals and teams to develop and test ideas. The public course provides an outstanding opportunity to network with like-minded individuals from other organisations and to discuss ideas and focus. A company-specific course provides an invaluable opportunity to develop mid-senior management teams – which includes build a shared future-view, aligning strategy and demolishing silo-thinking, dealing specifically with blocking issues, kick-starting initiatives, and establishing support structures.