5G, Live Webinar -

Webinar Recording: 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA) Virtualizing the Core

Webinar Recorded: 13th October 2021

The Service Based Architecture (SBA), standardised as part of 5G, represents a paradigm shift in the way the telecoms core network is planned, deployed, and operated. Using virtualisation principles, the SBA provides a more flexible, efficient, and capable set of features – provided by the different Network Functions in the form of NF “Services”. SBA techniques can also be applied to 4G, and if adopted early, would enable a smooth transition to the 5G Core.

This talk examines the principles of the SBA, before looking in more detail at the architecture, network functions, protocols, and operation. We also explore the wider contexts of roaming, 4G interworking, and security in order to build a relatively comprehensive picture of how the SBA is set to impact the core of our networks.

  • 5G Architecture Principles
  • The 5G Core
  • The Service Based Architecture (SBA)
  • SBA in Support of Roaming, Interworking and Slicing
  • Defining Network Function Services
  • SBA Protocols, HTTP/2 and JSON
  • SBA in OperationSecurity and the SBA

Webinar Speaker: Tony Wakefield

Tony is an experienced technical trainer and competency development specialist having worked with a diverse and extensive base of companies. He has spoken at global conferences and has extensive experience in facilitating programmes, specialising in 5G and the wider aspects of telecoms and connected innovation.