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Wray Castle partner with ACCF to deliver Mission Critical Broadband Training

Australasian Critical Communications Forum (ACCF)

Following the successful LTE broadband training courses in 2021, the Australasian Critical Communications Forum (ACCF), chapter of TCCA, again offers live online training in partnership with Wray Castle, the leading supplier of training the global communications industry, in 2022.

When: May & June 2022,
Duration: each cohort over 2-day period, 2 x 2-1/2 hours, live online

The hottest topics in the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) market today is the use of broadband LTE/4G/5G as the LMR market is heading for a major change in the delivery of information to and from their mobile portable and in-vehicle devices in the field.

As the world embraces 4G/LTE and 5G mobile broadband technologies a shift in culture from voice-centric to information-centric operations – the options and therefore complexity expands exponentially.

The 2022 ACCF/Wray Castle training courses provides fundamental supplier independent knowledge about mission critical LMR, the evolving 4G, 5G Broadband technologies and its specific features in Mission Critical Communications and Interworking

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About ACCF and TCCA

The Australasian Critical Communications Forum (ACCF), a NFP chapter of TCCA, that advocates on behalf of mission and business critical stakeholders in the Australasian region in respect to the development and establishment of global non-proprietary mission and business critical LMR and LTE Broadband standards to ensure that stakeholder and professional user requirements are adequately addressed.