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4G to 5G Evolution (23rd May 2022)

5G Private Networks

Recorded: 23rd May 2022

The developments within 4G LTE provides much of the foundation for 5G. In fact, 5G incorporates 4G (but not 2G or 3G) as part of the ongoing 5G system development. Whilst 5G introduces more flexibility and efficiency into the overall cellular system (in a number of ways, including enabling efficient use of mm Wave spectrum), 4G will remain an integral part of the system for many years to come.

Effective technology decision making is made easier because many of the improvements that LTE Advanced and Advanced Pro bring to cellular will remain relevant and fully utilised as we develop the networks in the 5G era. Understanding the relationship between the two generations is therefore essential to allow 5G adoption to be as smooth as possible, to maximise efficient 5G deployment, and to future-proof current investment choices.

This tech talk outlines the key areas of 4G evolution to 5G, whilst exploring the likely impact on the overall cellular system.

Topics to be discussed include:
  • 4G and 5G – An Overview of the two Generations
  • Common Developments – Including Virtualisation and Edge Computing
  • Main Features / Developments – LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro
  • 5G – Building on Key 4G Developments (Radio and Infrastructure)
  • Likely Timelines and Adoption
Tony Wakefield

Webinar Speaker: Tony Wakefield

Tony is an experienced technical trainer and competency development specialist having worked with a diverse and extensive base of companies. He has spoken at global conferences and has extensive experience in facilitating programmes, specialising in 5G and the wider aspects of telecoms and connected innovation.