Cloud Computing (On-Demand)

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Duration: 11 Hours

Course Code: WR1201

Course Summary

A technical introduction to the techniques and protocols that underpin cloud computing services, including an examination of the types of cloud that can be created and the variety of ‘X as a service’ facilities that clouds can make available.

Who would benefit

This course is suitable for engineering, technical management and sales/marketing staff who require a technical overview of Cloud Computing.


A basic understanding of the architecture and technologies that support the internet would be beneficial.

Topic Areas Include

  • What is ‘The Cloud’?
  • Traditional Models vs Cloud Computing
  • Cloud characteristics
  • Cloud deployments models – private, community, public, hybrid
  • Enabling technologies
  • Traditional data centres
  • Virtualization and multi-tenanting
  • SOA and web services
  • Service grids and autonomic computing
  • Types of Cloud services
  • SaaS, PaaS and IaaS
  • XaaS payment models
  • Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing
  • Pros: cost, scalability, resilience, collaboration
  • Cons: security, availability, trust, de-skilling
  • The future of Cloud Computing


On-Demand Online Training

On-Demand Online Telecoms Training

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