Open Radio Access Networks (ORAN)

We also have Open Radio Access Networks (ORAN) (On-Demand).

0.5 Days / 1 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 1

Course Code: RP2001

Course Summary

ORAN set to transform the Radio Access Networks (RAN) and in turn the Industry that supports it. The ORAN Alliance is working towards an architecture which is open, intelligent, virtualized and fully interoperable with the intention of enabling a more competitive and innovative RAN supplier ecosystem. For the telecommunications operator, ORAN-compliant mobile networks improve the efficiency and flexibility of RAN deployments and operations – both essential as networks are densified, and as they evolve through the deployment phases of 5G.

This course provides a solid introduction to O-RAN, exploring the purpose, features, architecture, operation and deployment options. The way O-RAN principles, and its foundation in virtualisation, supports the evolution to 5G is also discussed, as well as the impact of using ORAN architecture on both the open and standardised interfaces.

Who would benefit

Those in or entering technical roles in a mobile network operators Radio Access Network (RAN) environment.


A basic understanding of cellular radio networks from a radio network perspective as well as the ability to comprehend technical subjects, would be useful.

Topic Areas Include

  • Radio Access Networks

  • 3GPP RAN Architecture for 5G

  • O-RAN, O-RAN Operations and Maintenance

  • Whitebox Basestations

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