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You have arrived at this webpage as a result of an invitation sent to you by Wray Castle on behalf of UKTIN.  The purpose of this webpage is to provide you with up to date information and media assets to enable you to easily invite your members to join us for a complimentary series of online live training sessions focusing on Standardisation, with the aim of developing professional workforces.  

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In today's interconnected global landscape, the significance of standards is paramount. Standards form the bedrock for interoperability, efficiency, and safety across various industries. Multi-trillion-dollar businesses have grown through the support of international standards, which provide a consistent framework for quality, safety, and efficiency, enabling companies to expand their operations globally and drive economic growth. They not only facilitate international trade and commerce but also foster innovation and competitiveness on a global scale. 

Recently, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a US Government National Standards Strategy, recognising in Objective #3 Workforce, that “the U.S. standards workforce has not kept pace” with the growth in need for international standardisation.  

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