5G Private Networks

1 Day

Course Code: FG2306

5G private networks have emerged as a transformative technology enabling businesses to unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and innovation. This course provides participants with a good understanding of the principles, technologies, and best practices involved in implementing private 5G networks.

Participants will explore the specific characteristics and advantages of private networks, including dedicated spectrum, enhanced security, and network slicing capabilities. They will gain practical insights into the planning and design of private 5G networks, covering topics that include the radio aspects, network architecture, and integration with existing infrastructure. They will also learn about the deployment considerations unique to different industry verticals, such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and public safety.

Real-world case studies are included to enhance the learning experience and enable participants to apply their knowledge effectively in diverse industry contexts.

Who Would Benefit

The course is intended for network architects and engineers who are involved with the design, optimization, management, monitoring or testing of Private Networks.


An engineering background with knowledge of core and radio access network technologies is assumed. A good understanding and experience of 5G and LTE networks would be desirable.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Private Cellular Networks
  • Private Network Use-Cases and Verticals
  • The Benefits of 5G Technology for Enterprise
  • Challenges
  • Spectrum
  • Access and Mobility Control
  • Management and Security
  • Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC)