5G Security

We also have 5G Security (On-Demand).

1 Day / 2 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: FG1901

Course Summary

The nature of 5G means that the security architecture and processes need to cover new aspects (when compared to previous 3GPP generations), including 5GNR/LTE Dual Connectivity, standardized interfaces for distributed gNB / RAN architectures, more tightly integrated Non-3GPP Access, and most significantly, the new Service Based Interfaces used within the 5G Core.

The 5G Security course provides a comprehensive grounding in this expanded set of security requirements and mechanisms used in 5G. We start by considering the 5G architecture in order to better understand the overall security requirements for both the UE and network. We then build on the security architecture of 4G LTE, with relevant modifications and additions required for 5G, before focusing squarely on the additional features and procedures required to secure the 5G Core Network (Service Based Interface).

Who would benefit

This course is designed for engineers, managers and other personnel who have a need to acquire a technical overview of the security environment employed within 5G networks. It will also be of benefit to those in the wider technical community who have a need to understand the security protocols employed by advanced cellular networks.


An understanding of 4G (and legacy 2G and 3G) security procedures would be an advantage as would a basic understanding of 5G and / or LTE network architecture and functionality.

Topic Areas Include

  • 5G Architecture and the Service Based Interface

  • 5G Security Architecture and Authentication and Key Agreement

  • Security and the Service Based Interface (including SEPP)