APIs for Network Exposure - From 3GPP Standards to Open Gateway Initiatives

2 Days / Technical Level: Level 3

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Who Would Benefit

Telecommunication Engineers, API Developers, Project Managers and Enthusiasts in the telecommunications industry who are looking to deepen their understanding of API integration, specifically focusing on NEF (Network Exposure Function) within the context of 3GPP R18 standards and GSMA Open Gateway Initiatives. 


Basic understanding of telecommunications concepts. Some knowledge or experience of packet-switched data network operation and Internet technology is beneficial. General knowledge about 4G and 5G.

Course Contents                            

  • Introduction to Network Applications
  • API Standards and Definition
  • Protocols for APIs communication and Modelling Languages 
  • API Development Tools (Demo)
  • NEF Services APIs
  • NEF Procedures 
  • Future trends in API Integration

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