GSM-R Engineering Overview

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2 Days / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: MB2803

UIC Rail Academy

Live Online: 10-13 June (9am-12.30pm CET)

Part of the UIC Rail Academy, this detailed course provides network engineers with an in depth study that covers all principles of GSM-R networks and operation.

Who would benefit

Those in or entering technical roles within the GSM-R industry who require a broad overview of the services, features and technology of GSM-R.


A basic understanding of cellular radio networks and railway signalling, as well as the ability to comprehend technical subjects, would be useful.

Topic Areas Include

  • Introduction to GSM and GSM-R Networks
  • GSM Network Architecture
  • GPRS Network Architecture
  • GSM-R Network Architecture
  • GSM-R Services
    • GSM-R Identities
    • GSM-R Coverage
    • Network Access
    • GSM-R Procedures
    • European Train Control System

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