Introduction to Energy Security and Net Zero

21-22 Feb (9am-1pm)

Course Summary

TUVIntroduction to Energy Security & Net Zero is brought to you by Wray Castle, one of the world’s most established technology training providers and TÜV UK, a member of TÜV NORD GROUP, one of the leading technology services companies delivering a wide range of engineering support, testing and inspection services in the Systems, Mobility, Certification, Energy and Systems Engineering sectors.

This combination of in-depth energy market knowledge and technology training expertise is uniquely positioned to deliver an effective learning solution on energy and Net Zero.

Introduction to Energy Security & Net Zero provides a one-day introduction to aid better understanding of the topic. Delegates who successfully complete the course will emerge with a raised, common awareness of the subject matter relevant to, and supportive of their main roles.

Who would benefit?

This training course would benefit senior managers and executives in any industry, government department or corporate organisation looking to gain a solid understanding of the energy market and become Energy Security and Net Zero literate.

Course Modules:

  1. Net Zero
  2. Energy Security
  3. Energy Market
  4. Energy Production
  5. Global Energy Factors.
  6. Energy Security & Net Zero Delivery Role
  7. Government Energy Security & Net Zero Strategy & Policy

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    About TÜV UK Limited

    TÜV UK Limited forms part of the TÜV NORD GROUP, a global organisation with a workforce of more than 15,000 over 100 countries. We are one of the world's largest technical service providers. 

    We owe our leading market position to our technical competence. In the UK we are an accredited Inspection and Certification body working across five sectors: Clean Energy Solutions, Manufacturing Technology, Buildings, Food & Systems Certification. Our expert domains also include the provision of Specialist Nuclear and Energy Consultancy Services for Government and major Nuclear/Energy industry clients.

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