IP Microwave and E Band Planning

1/2 Days / 1 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: RP1306

Course Summary

This course introduces some of the key techniques used in the latest products related to microwave radio.

Topics covered include adaptive modulation; radio link protection and bonding; fixed link MIMO; Internet Protocol (IP) radio; Ethernet QoS management; header compression and split mount; and full outdoor configuration. The course looks at how vendors and network planners are addressing the issues associated with upgrading from legacy microwave technologies (PDH/SDH) to full IP. The emerging E-band technology is discussed in detail, with a particular emphasis on planning E-band links and the technical specifications of a range of equipment from the main vendors.

Who would benefit

This course is intended for experienced transmission and backhaul engineers and system architects requiring an in-depth understanding of the evolution of fixed broadband radio.


A good knowledge of radio principles would be desirable, as well as an appreciation of IP technologies.

Topic Areas Include

  • Ethernet Radio

  • Spectrum and Regulation

  • Technological Developments in Fixed Link radio

  • Planning IP and E-Band Radio Links

  • Timing and Synchronization