Mini-MBA in Telecoms (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Duration: 7 Days

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 4-14 August 2023

ExcelerateA comprehensive programme covering all the essential elements needed to effectively lead and manage in Telecoms and related industries

The Mini-MBA in Telecoms explores the key areas for business success, bringing the concepts together within a comprehensive team-based business simulation that runs throughout the programme - allowing the ideas to be developed and applied to a realistic and challenging simulated environment.

This programme delivers comprehensive training for mid-senior managers, directors, specialists, consultants and identified talent working within the telecommunications, connected innovation, and adjacent industries.

Mini-MBA in Telecoms Programme

Day 1: Strategy, Bus. Models, Intro to Bus Sim

  • Analysing Markets; Developing Strategy & Competitive Advantage
  • Evaluating & Optimising Business Model(s)
  • Introduction to the Business Simulation

Day 2: Telecoms as a Business, Industry Insight

  • Industry & Business Dynamics, Current Strategy, Positioning, & KPIs
  • Key Performance Enablers

Day 3: Technology, Finance, Analysis

  • The Technology Explained & Evaluated
  • Focus on 5G - Technology, Architecture and Operation
  • Corporate Finance - The Financial Cycle & Reporting
  • KPIs, Ratios & Financial Analysis (Telecoms-Specific)

Day 4: Getting Things Done - Developing Culture

  • Leadership in Business / Organisations
  • Developing Effective Teams
  • Supporting & Deploying Effective People – Culture & Innovation

Day 5: Building the Customer Proposition

  • Creating Compelling Customer Propositions
  • Communicating Compelling Customer Propositions
  • Effective Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Day 6 : Bringing It All Together

  • Simulation – Prep and Bringing it all Together
  • Team Presentations - Feedback

Day 7: Making Change Happen

  • Optimising Operations & (incl. Platforms & Processes)


    Mini-MBA in Telecoms - Key benefits:

    Successfully complete the Mini-MBA in Telecoms to:
    • Rapidly enhance your knowledge and competencies in the key areas of telecoms business.
    • Establish a Blueprint for effectively leading your business or team.
    • Implement all key aspects of the blueprint consistently and coherently.
    • Develop more effective strategies, key performance enablers, and business models.
    • Focus on maximising value creation for your organisation and your customers.
    • Develop a solid understanding of telecoms technology and deployment options and how this impacts the business.
    • Break those silo barriers.
    • Better lead, support, and enhance the performance of your people.
    • Take a more active role in evolving company culture, innovation and processes.
    • Assess ideas and opportunities more rigorously and take a more dynamic leadership role.

    "The best MBA classes I’ve attended focusing on Telco industry, very insightful and spot-on" CSC

    “Trainers were excellent. Really like how lively the classroom was, the class participation and energy is vibrant and positive.” CWC

    "Excellent training with great knowledge for the telecom industry" MS

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