NGN Voice Protocols

3 Days / 5 Live Online Sessions (0900-1230) / Technical Level: Level 3

Course Code: TY1202

Course Summary

This course is intended for experienced telecoms engineers that wish to understand the workings of the protocols that are commonly used within Next Generation Networks (NGNs). The course takes a detailed look at real time signalling and transport protocols; it also looks at the protocols used to support legacy devices in the access and core network signalling such as POTS, ISDN and SS7. The course also looks in detail at the protocols supporting the new gateway devices. The course is backed up by an extensive set of exercises and the use of Wireshark.

Who would benefit

Those requiring a comprehensive understanding of the protocols used in an NGN for the support of voice services.


A good understanding of legacy telecommunications networks, plus an understanding of IP networks and signal flows used in support of voice-related services.

Topic Areas Include

  • IP convergence

  • Telecoms convergence and NGNs

  • Telecoms (IP) scenarios

  • Real time protocols SIP, RTP and RTCP

  • H.323 call scenario

  • The 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem

  • The IMS registration process

  • The IMS call signalling

  • Softswitching architecture and protocols

  • SIGTRAN in the access in support of POTS and ISDN

  • SIGTRAN in the core in support of SS7

  • H.248 Megaco

  • SIP-I

Includes practical signalling exercises.

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