Radio Network Surveys (On-Demand)

22 Hourse

Course Code: MB1801

Course Summary

To carry out meaningful radio surveys of GSM, UMTS, LTE and Wi-Fi networks demands a knowledge of how those networks operate and the key radio metrics. These are discussed in detail along with the types of surveys and information they can reveal. The course is focused on the practical issues of performing surveys backed up with demonstrations. The equipment and software used on this course includes the Rohde & Schwarz TSMA radio scanner, ROMES and NESTOR software as well as the QualiPoc, handheld survey tool.

Who would benefit

Those that need to create a ‘picture’ of the cellular radio network environment to aid coverage optimization, crime scene investigation, alibi verification, intelligence gathering and performance analysis. This course features the Rohde & Schwarz TSMA radio scanner in conjunction with the ROMES and NESTOR software as well as a drive test tool.


Previous attendance on GSM, UMTS, LTE and Wi-Fi courses would be advantageous but not essential.

Topic Areas Include:

  • Cellular radio principles
  • Cellular radio spectrum and identities
  • Wi-Fi radio spectrum and identities
  • Radio measurements and metrics
  • Cell selection and reselections for GSM, UMTS and LTE
  • Location reporting in idle mode
  • Mobility in Wi-Fi
  • Connected mode activity for mobile devices
  • Tools for radio surveys
  • Spectrum occupancy
  • Coverage surveys
  • Base station position estimation
  • Practical guidance for surveying

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