How Wray Castle helped police analysts comprehend base station and mobile device communications.

Working with Police Forces in the UK, Wray Castle designed a foundation week long training course addressing the network architectures and procedures of cellular radio systems.

The course included tailored practical exercises on equipment used in the field relevant to each Police Force.


To enable analysts to fully comprehend data from kit used in the field.

To supplement the understanding of the parameters and options available.

To empower delegates to speak confidently about equipment and technologies when in conversation with network operators and equipment manufacturers.


Attendance at a number of national steering group meetings to discuss the training objectives and agree on a course structure.

Utilisation of DV-cleared trainers to ensure strictest confidentially.

Site visits to each of the kit manufacturers ensuring a detailed understanding of the range of equipment used throughout the UK, enabling courses to be made county specific.


The course formed part of a national programme towards which all analysts in the relevant field of work were directed.