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Looking for a new challenge in the new year? Can you empower the telecoms world?

Organisation capability builders (& trainers) read on …

Since 1958 we have been helping organisations build their internal capabilities by training and upskilling key employees.  Our customers tell us that our work is effective, adding considerable value to their organisations and that they regard us as the ‘gold standard’ in our field.  To support our current phase of growth, we are seeking to identify highly experienced and talented professionals, with either a technical or business focus, who share our sense of purpose and vision. 

Due to unprecedented growth, we now need to expand our resource pool ….

For those with a technical focus

You will be an experienced telecommunications industry professional (probably with 15-20 years’ experience), with a strong foundation in telecoms technologies, ideally both mobile, fixed, voice & data, as well as being a specialist in aspects of 4G and 5G networks, FTTx networks, radio site engineering, private networks, mission critical communications, network virtualization, and multi-access edge computing, as well as other current areas of telecoms. We are also interested in hearing from you if you are working on future capabilities such as sustainability, artificial intelligence, cyber security, space technologies, connected innovation and V2X, and 6G.

For those with a business focus
You will be an experienced professional (probably with 15-20 years’ experience) with a strong understanding and affinity for the telecommunications industry.  You will have a strong foundation in a business topic such as accountancy, law, regulation, professional sales, strategy, innovation or general management techniques.   

To be successful

You must genuinely enjoy helping others learn, develop and grow.  You may already have considerable experience as a trainer, but may be looking to transition from an executive role into a more flexible, and more enjoyable role.  You will have developed the skills to enable you to effectively help others learn.  Wray Castle has an international client base; we are also interested to hear from those based outside of Western Europe, however you must have excellent spoken and written English.  Our clients are blue chip, multinational organisations and government entities, you must be experienced in working with or at such organisations. 

We have a large portfolio of training material that we will coach you to be able to deliver, ranging from detailed topics such as Network Virtualisation, through to our Mini-MBA series. 

We are also interested to hear from those who may have a portfolio of existing material or be able to design new material that is relevant to our customers.  Ideally, this material is capable of being recorded in an on-demand format. 

We are looking for flexible individuals willing to dedicate between 2 and 10 days per month to Wray Castle.  You may be an established contract trainer seeking to establish a relationship with us, or you may be seeking a new opportunity. You will be skilled in training groups in the classroom, delivering live online training, preparing, and recording video resources, and mentoring distance learning students.

If you are an expert in a current area of telecoms, technology or business that will enable future capabilities, have training experience, are able to commit to two days minimum each month, and produce work to the highest standard, we are interested in hearing from you.

How to apply

Please email a CV and a summary of your expertise, motivation and training experience to: