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Complimentary Standardisation Training Sessions

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming complimentary training sessions, sponsored by the UK Telecommunications Innovation Network (UKTIN). This series is designed to upskill professionals with best practices in standardisation, crucial for thriving in today’s rapidly evolving industries.

Standards are the foundation of interoperability, efficiency, and safety. They facilitate global trade, foster innovation, and drive economic growth by providing a consistent framework for quality and reliability.

Our complimentary training sessions will delve into the importance of standards across industries and how they can be utilised to promote transformation and thought leadership amongst professionals.

Standardisation in Industry – A Framework for Global Success

Thu 4th July, 2pm UK Time

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What are Standards?
  • Exploring the Modern World – Through Standards
  • Benefits of Standardisation
  • Types of Standards
  • Primary Standardisation Organisations
  • A Standards Ecosystems
  • The production of Standards – What and How
  • How Tech Standards Affect Economic Outcome
  • The Impact of Standards on Competition and Innovation

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Using Standardisation Frameworks to Drive Value Creation

Thu 11th July, 2pm UK Time

Topics to be discussed include:

  • The Evolution of Standards in Innovative Industries
  • Commercial Benefits of Standards
  • Standards and Business Strategy
  • Making Money from Standards, Patents and IPR - Examples
  • Choosing Standard vs Proprietary Solutions?
  • Impact of Standards on Individual Businesses
  • Technology Adoption Rates
  • Participation in the Standardisation Process
  • Case Study illustrating the Value of Standardisation

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