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How’s Your Essential Radio Engineering Knowledge?

Radio communications impact nearly every aspect of our lives, whether it’s watching TV, using a mobile, or using Wi-Fi. If you’re embarking on a career in telecommunications  an in-depth understanding, becomes critical.

We have a full portfolio of radio engineering courses, from 1 day introductions for those with no technical background, to 3-day technical deep dives.

Wondering how good your radio engineering knowledge is or which is the best radio engineering course for you? Have a quick look at these questions from our Radio Principles course and see how you do...

Are you able to describe the nature of a radio wave?
The Wray Castle Radio Principles course will introduce you to basic wave theory so no prior knowledge is required.

Would you be able to choose an appropriate frequency for a particular application?
This course explains the theory of radio propagation and highlights the typical use of the radio spectrum.

How do radio waves carry information?
Both analogue and digital modulation schemes are explored in the course enabling you to appreciate the reasoning behind the deployment of particular schemes.

What is a radio transmitter or receiver and how do they work?
If you need to know about transmitters and receivers this is the course for you as by the end of it you will have a thorough understanding of this technology.

How do you choose an antenna for a particular application?
The theory and operation of antennas and feeders are discussed in detail, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Are you able to recognize and deal with different interference issues?
The course describes the various interference mechanisms and offers practical solutions.

What are the regulations and laws surrounding the use of radio?
Radio systems are commonly built to international standards, operating in licensed frequency bands and regulated nationally and internationally. All aspects of the standards, regulations and licensing are discussed as part of the course.

Next Training Date: 15-18 Jan, Live Online

For more information on this course just visit the Radio Principles website page.