5G, eSIM, LTE, RAN -

Learn online, anytime, with our self-study courses. Our self-paced on-demand distance learning courses include an extensive blend of core reading materials and video resources, scenario-based assignments, a dedicated Instructor, live virtual workshops and tools to communicate effectively with fellow students, all in a modern, intuitive and secure cross-device Virtual Learning Environment.Each course is accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone and allow you to study at a time and location that is convenient to you. Subjects covered include key network technologies including 5G, LTE, eSIM, RAN, GSM-R and Network Security. Enrol and you'll get instant access so you can start learning straight...

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eSIM -

The traditional SIM card has been a central part of digital mobile communications for 30 years. This unassuming piece of plastic has been responsible for controlling access to GSM mobile networks worldwide, helping to protect assets worth over a trillion dollars per year. However, SIM technology is currently undergoing a major evolution, called Embedded SIM or ‘eSIM’ cards. Instead of receiving then inserting a physical SIM card into your mobile phone to get it connected, consumers will download a ‘SIM’ directly into their device, anytime, anywhere. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF ESIM TECHNOLOGY? There are many advantages of using eSIM...

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