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Course Code:  FG2305 An introduction to the principles of parameter setting and optimisation in the Next Generation Radio Access Network (NG-RAN). The material covered includes cell configuration, signal measurements, and parameters in idle and connected mode. Who Would Benefit? This course is intended for experienced radio access optimisers, and for those involved with device development or functionality testing in 5G systems. Prerequisites The course assumes an engineering background, with some knowledge of digital radio systems in general and the 5G air interface in particular. Experience of parameter tuning and optimisation for LTE would be useful. Course Contents Fundamentals of the...

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Recorded: 25th April The recording of the Beamforming and Massive MIMO - Enabling 5G webinar  is now available on Wray Castle Connect (Free Membership Required), you can view the recording here. 5G enables access to higher frequency spectrum than previous generations. In order to efficiently use that high frequency spectrum [and put very simply], antenna size needs to be smaller, and we need to use more of them. This in turn means that massive antenna arrays are a key component of 5G deployment - where lots of antennas are used in a very organised way to focus energy and drive...

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Our mission at Wray Castle we empower the global telecoms world by developing the specialist knowledge, skills and competencies organisations need to build, maintain, optimise and operate the cutting-edge communications networks of today and tomorrow. As part of that commitment and to support professionals across the industry and encourage lifelong learning, we've launched Wray Castle Connect the new networking hub for telecoms professionals. Wray Castle Connect provides its members with regular blogs and recorded training content as well as the opportunity to network with both our specialist training team and your peers across the industry. All Wray Castle Connect members benefit from: Free Introduction...

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