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Introducing Wray Castle Connect - your new networking hub for telecoms professionals

Wray Castle Connect

Our mission at Wray Castle we empower the global telecoms world by developing the specialist knowledge, skills and competencies organisations need to build, maintain, optimise and operate the cutting-edge communications networks of today and tomorrow.

As part of that commitment and to support professionals across the industry and encourage lifelong learning, we've launched Wray Castle Connect the new networking hub for telecoms professionals. Wray Castle Connect provides its members with regular blogs and recorded training content as well as the opportunity to network with both our specialist training team and your peers across the industry.

All Wray Castle Connect members benefit from:

  • Free Introduction to 5G Training Course.
  • First look at live and recorded webinars.
  • Regular blogs from our subject matter experts.
  • Connect and network with peers from across the global industry.
  • Exclusive offers on our training programmes


Private Wray Castle Alumni Group

Wray Castle Alumni

Past and current students of Wray Castle are invited to join the private Alumni Group, where they'll benefit from:

  • The opportunity to review and clarify material covered during their studies - finished your course but still have questions? Our trainers will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.
  • Regular Technology and Business Executive Briefings - Each briefing focused on key areas of business and strategy that are fundamental to the development of telecommunications and adjacent industries

How to join the Alumni Group?

To join the private, simply register with Wray Castle Connect and request to join the Private Alumni Group. Once approved you'll have access to the additional content only available to Alumni members. Join here.