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Webinar: 4G & 5G Critical Communications – Systems Interworking (12th April)

4G & 5G Critical Communications – Systems Interworking

Recorded: 12th April 2022

This webinar aims to clarify why there is a requirement for interconnecting legacy LMR technologies with 4G/5G systems, and explain the steps taken by 3GPP and the relevant LMR Standards Authorities to facilitate interworking.  It will also highlight some of the challenges associated with interconnecting networks possessing operational and functional requirements, and service limitations, that are so different.

Topics include:

  • Interconnecting Networks
  • 3GPP Interworking Function (IWF) Interfaces
  • Functions to be Supported via IWF
  • LTE to ETSI TETRA Interworking
  • Interworking Security
  • LTE to ATIS/TIA P25 and Analogue FM Interworking
  • P25 Inter-RF Subsystem Interface
  • LTE to GSM-R Interworking
  • Other Techniques for Interworking
  • Radio over IP - ROIP

Webinar Speakers: 

    Les Granfield

    Les Granfield

    Les is a technical trainer with 35 years of experience. His expertise extends across a wide range of telecommunications technologies. He specializes in GSM, GSM-R, ERTMS/ETCS, UMTS and LTE radio access networks, radio planning, radio access network optimization and Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC).

    Karl Van Heeswijk

    Karl Van Heeswijk

    Karl is an experienced training specialist in radio theory, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mobile systems.