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Webinar: 5G New Radio (12th Oct)

Live Webinar: 12th October 2021 | 2-3pm (UK Time)

Join Tony Wakefield on Tuesday 12th October (2-3pm UK Time) for this free training webinar 5G New Radio. Register here.

Delivering ever-increasing data volumes to a growing customer base who are willing to accept mobile and nomadic broadband services places enormous strain on telecoms operators in terms of capacity requirements and network densification. New broadcast-based services and business models, as well as connected innovation and IoT, add to the challenges.

A range of measures can be used to ease the pressure, and many have been the subject of ongoing development as part of the 4G LTE Radio. The introduction of 5G New Radio, however, has provided an opportunity to take a fresh look, optimise techniques, and, most importantly, introduce the utilisation of millimetre wave spectrum to benefit from significant additional spectral capacity - much of the design within the 5G radio ensures that the radio system itself is optimised for identified frequency bands in the tens of GHz ranges.

While the 5G system offers several important advantages over 4G in delivering future services, the most significant new features are found in the 5G New Radio (NR) air interface.

In this one-hour talk, we’ll discuss some of those features, together with the advantages and opportunities they bring to network operators. Topics include:

  • 5G New Radio Overview
  • Underlying Flexibility – the Key Difference Compared to 4G LTE
  • Working Efficiently with 4G LTE – Controlling the Investment
  • 5G New Radio - Opening New Spectrum
  • Advanced Antenna Techniques – Increasing Efficiency
  • Maximising Efficiency Across a Wide Range of Radio Environments
  • Coding for Error Protection – Across a Wide Range of Radio Environments
  • Efficiently Tailoring the 5G NR to Different Use Cases
  • Achieving Low Latency with 5G NR

Register in advance for this webinar. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. If you are unable to make the live broadcast a recorded version will be sent to all registrants after the event.

Webinar Speaker: Tony Wakefield

Tony is an experienced technical trainer and competency development specialist having worked with a diverse and extensive base of companies. He has spoken at global conferences and has extensive experience in facilitating programmes, specialising in 5G and the wider aspects of telecoms and connected innovation.


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