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Webinar: 5G Spectrum - Challenges and the Solutions (3rd May)

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) in 5G

Recorded: 3rd May 2022

This webinar aims to clarify why there is a requirement for more radio spectrum for 5G systems, what bands have been identified, and why, and the challenges and solutions these new bands bring.    

 Topics covered include:

  • The relationship between bandwidth and bit rate
  • The relationship between frequency band and coverage
  • Bands identified for 5G by regulators
  • Impact of radio channel bandwidth on spectrum allocations
  • Impact of wavelength upon antenna dimensioning
  • Propagation issues associated with Millimetre wave bands (mmWave)
  • How higher frequencies facilitate the realisation of massive MIMO
  • Impact of mmWave on device power consumption

Webinar Speaker: 

Karl van Heeswijk

Karl van Heeswijk

Karl is an experienced training specialist in radio theory, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mobile systems.