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Webinar: Network Function Virtualization (23rd Nov)

Network Function Virtualisation

Recorded: 23rd November 2021

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way IT Services are deployed and used, allowing major improvements in flexibility, availability, and simplification, whilst offering opportunities to speed up time to deploy new services and realise cost savings. The core technology behind Cloud based services is virtualization; could this be leveraged to provide the same benefits to the communications market?

Many communications services are of course based on software applications, which do lend themselves to virtualization and thus cloud deployment. However, communications are also dependent on connectivity services – can virtualization of these services be modelled and managed in a similar way, to provide an end-to-end virtualized service deployment architecture for communications?

Network Function Virtualization extends Cloud Computing to provide a standardized technology solution for such virtualization of communications services, and is becoming the widely adopted solution for future service deployment for many of the world’s leading communications services providers.

Topics covered in this webinar introduce the objectives of NFV, together with an overview of the key elements of an NFV solution, and include:

  • What is Network Function Virtualization?
  • Goals of NFV
  • Drivers for Change
  • Virtualising Network Functions
  • NFV Architecture
  • Economic Benefits of NFV
  • Scaling
  • NFV Orchestration
  • Network Service Models
  • Software Defined Networks and NFV
  • NFV Challenges


John Timms

Webinar Speaker: John Timms

John Timms is an experienced trainer in IP, VoIP, IPTV, NFV/SDN and IMS/LTE Core.  John is also a former Telemanagement Forum Subject Matter Expert and specialist in QoE for VoIP/VoLTE and IP video services.