How Wray Castle helped the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Bahrain assess spectrum requirements of the future.

TRA Bahrain set out to conduct a spectrum review with the aim of assessing likely spectrum requirements to support the explosion in mobile broadband usage up to and beyond 2020.

The review, conducted with representative government departments and mobile network operators, was also tasked with deciding how to meet these requirements.


For those in attendance to have a firm comprehension of the demands made upon the radio spectrum.

To assist with the planning of the release of the spectrum required for future mobile broadband requirements.


Wray Castle worked closely with TRA to design and deliver a combined briefing and interactive workshop to look at the current utilisation of all spectrum bands identified for mobile broadband, as well as other candidate bands being talked about internationally.

The workshop discussed the principles of spectrum management, the requirements of the military and emergency services and future broadcasting trends, as well as the economic and social benefits of effective and efficient use of radio spectrum.


On completion, all delegates recognised that they were in a much stronger position to model the future spectrum requirements for mobile broadband up to and beyond 2020.