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Malaysia Training Schedule


We've partnered with Excelerate, the foremost skills transformation organisation in Malaysia to deliver a series of training courses addressing the key  technology and business topics facing the telecoms industry.

These courses are deliver either live in Malaysia or via Virtual Classroom and will deliver the knowledge, skills and competencies you need to succeed.

Mini-MBA in Telecoms – a Blueprint for Future Business

Training Dates: (Classroom) | 12-22 May, 1-11 Sep, 17-27 Nov

The Mini-MBA in Telecoms explores the key areas for business success, bringing the concepts together within a comprehensive team-based business simulation that runs throughout the programme - allowing the ideas to be developed and applied to a realistic and challenging simulated environment.

This programme delivers comprehensive training for mid-senior managers, directors and identified talent working within the telecoms, connected innovation, and adjacent industries. Learn more.

5G Masterclass

Training Dates: (Classroom) | 23-26 May, 12-15 Sep & 28 Nov-1 Dec

This masterclass focusses on the commercial aspects of 5G and the capabilities it brings to telcos, new and emerging players in the communications industry, as well as adjacent industries. It illustrates how the technology, enable and support existing and new / emerging business models.

This masterclass then provides a technical introduction to 5G, including the principles, design, and implementation of the 5G air interface, radio access network and core network, and the operation of the 5G system. Learn more.

2G-5G Mobile Technologies

Training Dates: (Virtual Classroom) | 12-13 Jun, 14-15 Aug & 20-21 Nov

This course provides a technical overview of the main cellular technologies GSM, UMTS, LTE and 5G. It provides a view of the most important aspects of cellular communication technologies and how the principles are applied within the different generations as networks evolve. Learn more.

IoI & M2M Technologies

Training Dates: (Virtual Classroom) | 17-18 Apr, 7-8 Aug & 11-12 Dec

This course is designed to give a comprehensive overview of existing and emerging IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) technologies. It is aimed at those working with, or assessing IoT / M2M projects and related opportunities. Learn more.

Telecoms Fundamentals

The historical background to telecommunications is described and the technologies, abbreviations and techniques that are employed are explained. Learn more.

    Training Dates: (Virtual Classroom) | 26-28 Jun, 28-30 Aug & 9-11 Oct

    For more information on course content and funding options contact phastings@wraycastle.com.