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Telecoms Foundation Courses

Designed as foundation building blocks for organisations seeking to build skills and organisational competencies, our foundation courses are designed both for those who are new to the industry wishing to build a thorough understanding of the technologies on which modern telecoms networks are built, and, for those who are working in the industry who aspire to continue their professional development towards becoming an industry expert.  In addition, these courses are enjoyed and appreciated by those in non-technical roles who need to develop an awareness of the technology, its capabilities and the services it can enable.

2G to 5G Mobile Technologies

Telecoms Fundamentals

Introduction to Telecoms

16-19 Jan 31 Oct–3 Nov 21-24 Nov

Course Modules:

  • Defining Telecoms and the Nature of Information
  • A Historical Background to the Telecom Network
  • Digital Fixed Telecom Networks
  • Data Networks
  • Mobile Networks & Wi-Fi
  • Broadband and Emerging Networks

Course Modules:

  • Telecom Services in the Modern World
  • The PSTN and ISDN
  • Transmission Networks
  • Mobile Cellular Networks
  • IP Packet Networks
  • Fixed and Wireless Broadband Access Technologies
  • VoIP, NGNs and the IMS

Course Modules:

  • Principles of Mobile Cellular Networks
  • 2G Mobile Networks
  • 3G Mobile Networks
  • 4G Mobile Networks
  • 5G Mobile Networks
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Each course is delivered live online at 9.00-14.00 UK time by one of our experienced telecoms training team and includes fully illustrated best in class course books.