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Recorded 24th June 2022 5G improves performance in areas critical to many of the new use cases that it has been designed to support - providing a toolkit of techniques that we can use to support Connected Innovation, Smart Technologies, and the Internet of Things. These 5G capabilities build on 4G techniques and provide significant revenue opportunities for telecoms and adjacent industries. This talk focuses on some of the key 5G tools and techniques available to us (including those adopted from 4G), specifically in support of the Internet of Things (IoT). We cover the device, radio, and core network aspects;...

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Join our team of telecoms technology experts for these free training webinars. Each 1-hour webinar delivers a thorough introduction to the topic and includes a live Q&A. 4G to 5G Evolution This webinar outlines the key areas of 4G evolution to 5G, whilst exploring the likely impact on the overall cellular system. Date:  23 May-22 (10am UK) Speaker: Tony Wakefield Register here Achieving Low Latency in 5G  Starting with the requirements and performance targets, this talk explores how low latency (and ultra-low latency) is achieved in 5G from a technical perspective.  Date:  10 Jun-22 (10am UK) Speaker: Tony Wakefield Register here IoT Enablers in the 5G System...

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