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Recorded: Thursday 4th July (2-3pm UK Time) Watch the recording of our training session Standardisation in Industry – A Framework for Global Success presented in partnership with UKTIN. Standardisation impacts almost everything we do, from driving a car to choosing paint, and it is the commercial bedrock of many multi-billion dollar businesses. In this short complimentary training session, we look at how standardisation drives a range of economic and business outcomes (across many industries), including enabling innovation and competitiveness, fostering compatibility and collaboration, and underpinning economies of scale in production. We explain what standardisation is, which organisations are involved, and how the standards...

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Webinar Invite: 15th February 2024 (12.00 GMT/15.00 GMT+3 Turkey) Duration: 1 Hour The 5G system's evolving capabilities have a significant impact on industry strategy and investment. These are essential tools that enable a variety of industry applications and deployment scenarios. The 5G Enablers for Industry – Underpinning 5G Advanced webinar brought in partnership with Online Bilgi, you will gain a good understanding of the key emerging 5G enablers; we will discuss the use cases, performance objectives, and overall industry requirements for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), Private Networks, Network Slicing, Satellite Communications in 5G (Non-Terrestrial Networks), and Open Radio Access Networks...

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1st December 2022 (10-11am, UK) The Environmental Sustainability in Telecoms – the Road to Net Zero  Webinar is brought to you by Wray Castle, one of the world’s most established telecoms training providers and City Science, the UK’s leading specialist in modelling net-zero and carbon accounting. This combination of in-depth telecoms insight with powerful carbon modelling skillsets is uniquely positioned to provide both net-zero advisory and training services to the TMT markets. The environment -- with energy-use and -management being the overriding consideration -- is one of the three pillars of sustainability, and the telecoms industry has a long journey ahead as...

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