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5G and V2X Transportation, including Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, is a key enabler for society and a big focus for governments as they develop strategies for a sustainable, safe and better future for all. Along the way, a multitude of technical, commercial and regulatory challenges need to be tackled in a coherent and effective way in order maximise the emerging opportunities – and connectivity has a key role to play. This webinar explores the overall requirements, use cases, emerging solutions, deployment and evolution of connected vehicle systems. In particular, we look at C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle to X) as one of the major...

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Recorded Webinar, Transport Industry -

Webinar Recorded:  9th November 2021 FRMCS is the Future Railway Mobile Communications System and is an integral part of the digital railway. The term digital railway was coined when GSM-R was deployed on the European networks to provide train to trackside communications. GSM-R is a digital radio system that has been used successfully over the past 20 years - over 100,000 Km of lines have been covered with more to come in the coming years. However, GSM-R has a limited lifespan with equipment vendors stating that they no longer wish to support GSM-R beyond 2030. GSM-R, as well as providing...

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