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Thursday 27th June (10am-11am UK Time) Join us on Thursday 27th June our live webinar FRMCS Migration and Coexistence with GSM-R. The first release of the FRMCS standards have been published and the 5G Rail project was successfully concluded. Based on the findings from that project, FRMCS v2.0 will be created, paving the way for the MORANE 2 project leading ultimately to the ‘1st Edition’ of the FRMCS specification (v3.0). Version 3.0 is anticipated to be available in 2027 allowing FRMCS to gradually replace GSM-R. The two systems will initially operate in parallel, known as the migration period. But how will...

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5G and V2X Transportation, including Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, is a key enabler for society and a big focus for governments as they develop strategies for a sustainable, safe and better future for all. Along the way, a multitude of technical, commercial and regulatory challenges need to be tackled in a coherent and effective way in order maximise the emerging opportunities – and connectivity has a key role to play. This webinar explores the overall requirements, use cases, emerging solutions, deployment and evolution of connected vehicle systems. In particular, we look at C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle to X) as one of the major...

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Webinar Recorded:  9th November 2021 FRMCS is the Future Railway Mobile Communications System and is an integral part of the digital railway. The term digital railway was coined when GSM-R was deployed on the European networks to provide train to trackside communications. GSM-R is a digital radio system that has been used successfully over the past 20 years - over 100,000 Km of lines have been covered with more to come in the coming years. However, GSM-R has a limited lifespan with equipment vendors stating that they no longer wish to support GSM-R beyond 2030. GSM-R, as well as providing...

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