5G, Radio Engineering, RAN, Recorded Webinar -

Recorded: 3rd May 2022 This webinar aims to clarify why there is a requirement for more radio spectrum for 5G systems, what bands have been identified, and why, and the challenges and solutions these new bands bring.      Topics covered include: The relationship between bandwidth and bit rate The relationship between frequency band and coverage Bands identified for 5G by regulators Impact of radio channel bandwidth on spectrum allocations Impact of wavelength upon antenna dimensioning Propagation issues associated with Millimetre wave bands (mmWave) How higher frequencies facilitate the realisation of massive MIMO Impact of mmWave on device power consumption Webinar Speaker: ...

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Live Webinar, RAN -

Recorded: 31st March 2022 Join Les Granfield on Thursday 31st March (10-11am UK time) for this live training webinar looking at Open Radio Access Networks (ORAN) This webinar aims to de-mystify the world of Open Radio Access Networks (ORAN).  It will provide a meaning for the acronyms associated with the technology.  It will explain the need for open radio access networks, the key players and the associated technologies.  Topics include: Acronyms and abbreviations Radio access networks to date Why the need for open radio access networks Disaggregation Virtualized RAN Open RAN Cloud RAN 3GPP xRAN Cisco TIP O-RAN Small Cell Forum 3GPP Split Architecture O-RAN Architecture TIP Whitebox...

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