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Recorded: 3rd May 2022 This webinar aims to clarify why there is a requirement for more radio spectrum for 5G systems, what bands have been identified, and why, and the challenges and solutions these new bands bring.      Topics covered include: The relationship between bandwidth and bit rate The relationship between frequency band and coverage Bands identified for 5G by regulators Impact of radio channel bandwidth on spectrum allocations Impact of wavelength upon antenna dimensioning Propagation issues associated with Millimetre wave bands (mmWave) How higher frequencies facilitate the realisation of massive MIMO Impact of mmWave on device power consumption Webinar Speaker: ...

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Webinar Recorded: 12th October 2021 Delivering ever-increasing data volumes to a growing customer base who are willing to accept mobile and nomadic broadband services places enormous strain on telecoms operators in terms of capacity requirements and network densification. New broadcast-based services and business models, as well as connected innovation and IoT, add to the challenges. A range of measures can be used to ease the pressure, and many have been the subject of ongoing development as part of the 4G LTE Radio. The introduction of 5G New Radio, however, has provided an opportunity to take a fresh look, optimise techniques, and,...

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Webinar Recorded: 23rd September 2021 When planning a microwave link it is imperative to ensure there is sufficient clearance between the main bore of the radio signal and any obstacles along the radio path. There are various rules and guidelines defining what is meant by sufficient clearance - they may be set by a national spectrum management authority, in-house criteria, or recommended by a body such as the ITU-R. All of them, however, require the radio planner to apply the relevant k factor associated with the chosen clearance criteria and model. It is therefore paramount that the radio planner fully...

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