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Wednesday 14th June (10am UK Time) Join Tony Wakefield on Wednesday 14th June for a live webinar Enabling the Metaverse. The term “Metaverse” describes new virtual worlds that are emerging from the convergence of virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, and other key technologies. During this webinar, we start with a brief history of the Metaverse and explore how it is being built and developed by many companies and individuals around the world. We explain the key features and characteristics, potential applications and use cases, and how they can be used to create immersive and engaging experiences that go beyond what...

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1st December 2022 (10-11am, UK) The Environmental Sustainability in Telecoms – the Road to Net Zero  Webinar is brought to you by Wray Castle, one of the world’s most established telecoms training providers and City Science, the UK’s leading specialist in modelling net-zero and carbon accounting. This combination of in-depth telecoms insight with powerful carbon modelling skillsets is uniquely positioned to provide both net-zero advisory and training services to the TMT markets. The environment -- with energy-use and -management being the overriding consideration -- is one of the three pillars of sustainability, and the telecoms industry has a long journey ahead as...

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