Network Virtualization -

Virtual Sanity

Networks have passed the point where they need to evolve to meet the growing demands placed upon them, not only for the insatiable demand for modern services but for an ever-increasing number of connected devices requiring uninterrupted connectivity.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) have made inroads into the deployment and management of communication networks. They provide an agile and scalable solution to meet changing demands in minutes, which would previously have taken days or weeks to resolve.

By taking hardware that can be virtualised and deployed on a common infrastructure with shared networking resources, efficiencies can be gained by providing a more responsive way of allocating on-demand network resources. How communication providers deploy and use these techniques will determine the successful execution of emerging 5G services.

A reduction in hardware has added benefits. Cost savings can be made through reduced power consumption and air conditioning, as well as real estate, enabling service providers to reduce their impact on natural resources.

Our network virtualisation portfolio includes training options for all needs, from those requiring an introduction to the topics of cloud computing, SDN and NFV through to engineers at the forefront of the design, planning and deployment of virtualisation solutions.