5G, Recorded Webinar -

Achieving Low Latency in 5G (10th June 2022)

5G Private Networks

Recorded: 10th June 2022

5G enables cost effective capacity provision whilst at the same time improving performance in areas critical to many of the new use cases that 5G has been designed to support. In particular, the low latency capabilities of 5G are seen as essential in enabling connectivity for industrial automation / robotics and for connected vehicles – among many other applications.

Starting with the requirements and performance targets, this talk explores how low latency (and ultra-low latency) is achieved in 5G from a technical perspective. We delve into the different mechanisms and features that are available and the flexible way in which they are applied in support of the relevant devices and services.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • 5G Latency – Targets, Use Cases and Slices
  • Core Network and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)
  • OFDMA in 5G - Flexible Numerologies and Symbol Period
  • Configuring for Low Latency - BW Parts, Slots and Mini Slots
  • Scheduling Types and the Interruption Feature
  • Device (UE) Preparation Time
  • RRC Inactive Mode
Tony Wakefield

Webinar Speaker: Tony Wakefield

Tony is an experienced technical trainer and competency development specialist having worked with a diverse and extensive base of companies. He has spoken at global conferences and has extensive experience in facilitating programmes, specialising in 5G and the wider aspects of telecoms and connected innovation.